Museums is the sonic collective of multi-instrumentalists Ali Kouri (previously of The Day Dreamers), Nic Barkun, Anthony Kameka, and Lou Raskin. Veterans of the Canadian music festival circuit, the members of Museums are bound by a need to create worlds of sound that feel like their shared experiences and memories. Unable to capture these in exact words, they descend into landscapes of noise that evoke styles like trip-hop with shoegaze and alternative elements.

Giving voice to the happy accidents that come with adjusting time signatures and exploring guitar effects, Museums songs oscillate between vast sonic spaces created by impulsive and evocative vocals coupled with dense, layered guitars, the brutal but grounded sound of distortion, and driving drums.

Despite being a young band, Museums has performed in venues across Quebec, in Toronto, Berlin and Maastricht (NL), in notable spaces such as Rirkrit Tiravanija’s untitled 1996 installation at Fondation PHI and Nuit Blanche for Montréal Boreal, with an upcoming performance at Montreal’s Festival sur le Canal.